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Current News

December 30th - March of Woe is off to Beta! Yay! After edits comes back, the manuscript will head off to the editor and then to you! Release date and cover reveals are coming soon!

November 11th - March of Woe is almost done! As it stands, the manuscript is almost ready to head out to beta readers, and the cover is currently in the works. The third installment in the Overthrown series should be heading your way no later than January 1st.

Feb 11th - I am running a really cool contest! Check out my fiction page, where I have uploaded a ton of free content (new stories, the first scene of a screenplay, and much more!) Contest deals are on the fiction page, but it sums up to this - read free stuff and you get to win more free stuff. We call that a win-win!

Jan 7th - The Within audiobook is coming! Brian Smith has been selected as the narrator, and TPS Media has already started production. This is so very exciting for me, and I can't to hear the story brought to life. Production is slated to begin on an adaptation of Before the Crow, once Within is completed, so stay tuned for news about that!

Jan 7th - I've added some short stories to my Fiction page. They are free for your enjoyment. I don't consider any short story ever finished, so if you particularly like one, feel a connection to the characters, please contact me and let me know. I have plans to jump back into many of them, so it might just right kind of kick to see a project fulfilled!

Release updates

Jan 7th - I am working on March of Woe (Overthrown book 3), but have been distracted by a pile of other projects that have been coming my way. I am planning on having this exciting continuation of the series out by April or May 2017!

Feb 2nd - My friend Jarod Meyer's debut novel, William of Archonia: Redemption, is due to release Feb 14th on both Kindle and paperback! You'll want to check it out!

Feb 10th - I uploaded some more free short stories under the Fiction tab. Check out the Autumn Arch Publishing Facebook page for information on the giveaway: Download the stories for free, read, and comment on those you would like to see adapted into full length novels, and poof, you enter for a chance to win a free eBook!